Designing your career: where to start

Do you want to find fulfilment in the work you do, uncover your strengths, transition from your current role into something new or discover your passions and goals?

Do you want to become CEO of your career?

What do you want from your career?

Do you want to have clarity on what is most important to you, what your purpose is, set clear goals and clearly understand the action you need to take, to have the career you want?

Early stages of becoming CEO of your career

Investing time in yoru self will result in you becoming CEO of your career, improving the chance of finding work you love and increasing the money that goes with it.

If you want to become CEO of your career, fill in your details below and I will get you the first of five fast start session that will get you on on the path to success.

Still not sure?

Consider the last job (or your current one) where you were un-happy. Why was that? Was it your boss, the work you were doing or something else?

You might be able to answer this, or you might not. What I can say with confidence is, you left because of a values conflict. There is a belief you hold about what is and is not acceptable. Some how this barrier was crossed and you started looking for work. So by understanding your values, you understand what you will and wont accept.

The good news is, when you look to join a new company, if you know your values. You know what you will and wont accept and can start seraching for a place that aligns with what you believe. Increasing the chance of a long and happy career.

In the values fast start session, you will be able to identify your values, threashold values and come up with your top 5 to 10 values. They could look something like this:

Example of personal values

What about purpose?

Maybe the issue with work so far has been the work it self? Do you know what your purpose is? Can you state it easily, can you see your self living it each day?

No? By investing time in understanding you and what you are here to do, will result in a much easier process of finding work you love. Through story writing and self reflection, everything you need to be able to identify your purpose is in your memory. You just need to learn how to find it.

Once you nail your purpose and values, you will be set up to set your first goal. You will be able to answer what your vision is for your career. You might end up using an equasion like this:

Purpose + Values helps to define your vision

Do you want to become CEO of your career?

If the answer is yes, then register now for your free membership to access your first of five fast start session and begin your journey to become CEO of your career. Along with so much more!

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