I can’t remember when it happened, but at some point, someone I trusted said that meditation is important. You know the kind of person I am talking about. Someone, that if they say read a specific book, you go and buy the book and you read it.

A bit over 10 years ago I when to my first mediation retreat, Vipassan was the technique. Some dude named Buddha came up with it. This, out of all the personal development tools I have ever learnt has been the most practical and applicable in my life.

More recently, to manage the stresses of every day life, I have been using the Wim Hof method, box breathing and general mindfulness meditations (all seem to basically be Vipassana).

Regardless of the technique, I have found (while challenging at times), the inclusion of meditation in my daily life to be of benefit. Ill admit, I don’t do it every day, but when I do, it is worth it. Below are some videos of the different techniques and the discourse’s that go with them.

The main reason I like meditation, is its abilty to get me into the moment, even if it is just for a moment. To calm my mind, to focus on my breath. It seems to be a constant truth, regardles of mindfulness or spirituality, that connecting with your breath is the key to getting in the moment.

So check out the different videos of different techniques and a couple of extra videos on the breath.


This is the first video of ten. One video for each day of a ten day meditation course. Over the ten days you spend about 100 hours meditating. Like I mentioned, this was one of the most practical skills I have learnt to ground me in the moment.

Want to go an study Vipassana, check out:

Wim Hof Method

This technique is my most recent obsession. I do this almost every night with may daughter at bed time. It smashes me into the now, expands my lungs and gets me super grounded. I am loving this.

Wim Hof’s Website:

Box Breathing

I came accross this technique when learning about MMA. It was in a Todd Sampson tv show. I have liked this technique while at work. Simple, easy to do at my desk and very effective.

The Breath, Music and Philosophy

Never knew I would reference a tool song and stoic philosophy in a blog post, but here we are. You are going to have to do your own reasearch, but this song is pretty special. You will have to research the stoic breath.

Get Motivated

One of the best motivation videos you will find on the internet.

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