Do you know how to create your personal brand? Do you know what category you are operating in, or how to create a new one?

Do you know the steps to take to create your personal brand? Do you know the key attributes of your brand? Getting it righ can help you succeed in your career.

Remember, you already have a personal brand. It is what people already think about you. It is how you are already percieved. It is what has been getting you the results you have been getting for years.

So if you want to become CEO of your career, then taking the time to get into the detail of your personal brand is time well spent.

In this post I will go into the second element of you personal brand. Number 2 of 8.


If you are not first, or can’t be a leader in something, then create a new category. Doing this will alow you to become the leader in something. Take everything you learnt when reflecting on leadership and consider what is the reframe. What is it that only you can do, considering your experience in life? Ask yourself what categories am I currently in, what others could I explore? What new category can I create?

Sticking with the ICT example. Say a Project Manager (PM). Started their career as a PM, having learnt the PMBOK, creating PIDs, plans and schedules. Maybe even they have learnt agile to keep up with the times. But this individual is still not going to be a leader or in a new category.

The first PM/Agile person?! NOPE! Alredy done.

Consider Dilbert for a second.

Dilbert saves the Agile day – Agitma

Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert, best shows the power of creating a new category. He was an entrepreneur, had worked in the corporate world, was a comedian and could draw (well enough). Any of these on their own, he was not a leader in. But when he combined his ability to draw and tell jokes, based on his experience in the corporate world. Well, you know what happened, we got gold and he has been the leader in that context ever since.

So what can you do to create a new category to lead in? Consider the following activity.

Category Activity

Start by reflecting on your competencies, skills, experience and passions. Review your resume and LinkedIn for what you have been doing.

Create a list of your competencies, qualifications and job titles you have held. Next, add to the list your passions.

For example, when I review my lists, I have things like:

  • Project Management
  • Agile
  • Strategy
  • Business Architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • NLP
  • Hypnosis

On their own, I cannot be a leader in any of these.

But, when I combine NLP (values elicition), business analysis (process mapping) and business architecture (value stream mapping and business motivation modelling) I can create a new category.

I specialise in the rapid development of practical strategy. So not a BA, PM, BizArch or NLP practitioner. But a combination of them all. Connecting that back to leadership. I can now focus on leading practical strategy development for my customers.

So, what in your experience can you combine to create your own category to lead in?

Other aspects of a personal brand

  • Leadership
  • Category
  • Mind
  • Perception
  • Focus
  • Sacrifice
  • Attributes
  • Candor
  • Trends vs fads

Want help?

If you want to find out more about developing your personal brand, or how to become CEO of your career, then follow my blog or reach out on LinkedIn.

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