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Do you know the steps to take to create your personal brand? Do you know the key attributes of your brand? Getting it righ can help you succeed in your career.

Why bother with a personal brand?

Firstly, you should know you already have a personal brand. It is what people already think about you. It is how you are already percieved. It is what has been getting you the results you have been getting for years.

So if you want to become CEO of your career, then taking the time to define and get your personal brand right is time well spent.

In this post I am going to focus in on the first of 8 key element to your personal brand.


Being first in something is key to a successful personal brand. Spending time finding out what you are the leader in, is the first step to knowing if your brand is right. Ask yourself what was I the first to do? What am I a leader in? If you cant identify anything, ask “who is in front of me”?

Leadership is all about being known for the thing that you do the best. The goal is, for all of your customers to know that you are the person to come to for X…. what ever your X is.

For example, you are a business analyst (BA). There is no way you can be the leader in that space. There is the IIBA, all the BAs in the market and you are just one of so many.

BUT….. What if you were the first BA to transition from requirements to user stories. A leader in agile. Or maybe you are the quickest and best at creating process diagrams. Everyone in your agency comes to you for that. You can focus you energy into being the leader in an element of your discipline to lead.

What is the benefit of identifying what you are a leader in?

Well, if you want to be CEO of your career, continue to find work you love and maximise your annual salary, then knowing what you are a leader in will make it easy to be known and command what you want for the skills you have.

Still not sure what to do to figure this out? Try this activity and start the process of developing your personal brand.


Of all the activities that exist in the personal development space, ones that require you to ask people to be honest with you are often the biggest challenge. BUT…. they give you the best insights.

So this activitie requires you to ask your friends, colleagues and customers the following questions:

“What is the number one thing you would come to me first for”?

“What do you think I am a leader in”?

From this activity you are going to get a nice list of things that people come to you for, things that people percieve you as a leader in. With this information you will have insight into what you are a leader in right now.

The next question you might ask yourself is…. “Is this the thing I want to be a leader in”? If yes, double down. Make sure its clear on linkedIn, facebook, your blog, your resume. Make sure every recruiter knows it, every consultancy and continue to dominate. If no, its time do dig deeper……

What are the other elements of my personal brand?

Do some googling, or keep an eye out for my next blog, as the other key elements of your personal brand include:

  • Category
  • Mind
  • Perception
  • Focus
  • Sacrifice
  • Attributes
  • Candor
  • Trends vs fads

Want help?

If you want to find out more about developing your personal brand, or any other element of becoming CEO of your career, then follow my blog to find out more.

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