What to expect from hypnotic trance

Understanding Trance

First things first, don’t expect to feel hypnotized, as you are just following suggestions that you choose to listen to or not.

Many people expect to feel hypnotized but the trance state may not feel markedly different from the waking state. Sometimes people get false expectations or ideas because they’ve seen stage shows that make it look like something that its not.

What makes it possible for you to have success with hypnosis is directly linked to the hypnotist, and your level of trust for that person.

Do expect to feel relaxedMost people will describe the trance state as being a relaxed state ranging somewhere between relaxation and deep relaxation. It depends on the individual, and remember. You will be in total control the entire time.

It is like the ultimate state of self-control, the hypnotist is just the tour guide. They cannot control people minds, but I can teach you how to control your own.  And know that all trance is about learning how to go into trance, anybody can attain the deepest depths of trance once you learn how.

Stages of Hypnosis

Light Trance : Lethargy –  relaxation – eye, arm, isolated muscle group catalepsy – heavy or floating feeling

Medium Trance: Rapport – smell and taste changes – number block – partial amnesia / glove anesthesia – amnesia – analgesia (no pain) – automatic movements – partial hallucinations

Deep Trance: Hallucinations (positive and negative) – bizarre Post-Hypnotic suggestions – anesthesia (no feelings) – comatose – deep trance identification

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