The Day Adulting Started

Do you remember what it was like when you first entered the workforce? I don’t mean your first job, the one for a family member or friend. Not the one where you knew nothing about anything and had to learn everything for the first time.

I’m talking about your first job that triggered responsibility. The one where you, looking back now, you had to start ‘ADULTING‘.

This first ‘real job’ is probably going to be the same sort of thing you will do for years to come, maybe not for the same company, but the same context.

Try to remember, if you can, sitting in the interview for this new job. You hoped it would be the job that would launch your career, where you were going to apply everything you had learnt, you were excited and / or nervous.

I remember my first interview, it was over 12 years ago. I sat Accross from Jo.

My palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy (but no spaghetti on my sweater), I was nervous (for what felt like the first time) because ‘this one’ mattered.

I sat up straight, I was ready to listen to Jo’s questions, answered them based of the nil experience I actually had and simply did my best to hold my own. I hoped my retail and hospital stories would demonstrate the qualities I was sure she needed to see in me. I had done my research, so I could show I understood the business and it’s products and I even had some questions of my own to ask.

Then, as we started to talk, it turned out she knew a woman I use to work for in hospitality and we talked about that for most of the interview.

This conversation plus the fact I was recommend by a friend that already worked there was the reason I got a call back, letting me know I got the job.

So what, what’s the point?

Ten years on I can confidently say, every single job I have moved to has come from my network. From people I trained with in the Army, people I trained in different roles, friends of friends and ‘workmates‘ I have had over the years.

So what, what’s the advice?

Build your network, be yourself, have fun, add value to others and know that ‘your network is what will get you your next work‘!

Rock and Roll


P.S. Whats the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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