So Fu*+ing What?

I want to do what ever I can to help you get what you want. 

My goal is to help you understand what you want, define it and demonstrate how it differs from what you have been asking for.  

I want to teach you how to hear what people are truly saying, read what they are not, show you how to better understand others, how to communicate your desires to anyone, how to build strong connections with people, understand your self better, understand your helpful and hindering strategies, and help you build psychological resources that increase your probability of success.

I care about the people looking for answers and want to figure them selves out. 

I see my self as a part of the Personal Development movement, probably not Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar, but a part of it.

I want to make sure every person searching for help will find the answers they seek. 

I want to keep sharing with you the books, gurus, activities and tools that have helped me achieve success and help me understand who I am. 

Simply put, I want everyone to have success and help them get there. 

So who do I think you are? 

Who am I talking about? 

Who do I want to talk with?

I want to talk with you and I think you are curious, you want to know what makes you, you,you want something more from life than a 9-5 job, you believe you are destined to make a difference, you desperately want to understand what that is, and you want to live it daily. 

I believe you are frustrated with speaking and not being heard, frustrated with people in general, frustrated with their reactions to the world around them and to you.

I think you walk through book stores waiting for ‘that book’ to jump out at you, the one that will give you the answers you are looking for. 

You follow Gary Vee (, Seth Godin (, Grant Cardone ( and (insert every other inspirational person here) on Facebook/twitter/Instagram etc and love hearing what he/she/they have to say and at the same time you hate them a little bit and they annoy you, and there are 20 other people like them that inspire you to be a better you, but it still hasn’t clicked for you, yet. 

You were, are or have been looking for love and want to have a family and at the same time you get lost in social media, news, videos, Netflix, drinking, talking shit and all those other distractions. 

And every now and again you wake up and ask what you are doing with your life. 

Some times you are jealous of the success your peers have and you think you would find happiness if you had their job, partner or pay.

Ultimately I believe you are searching for your purpose and for something that will give your life meaning. 

The reason I know you think these things, is because I think and I believe them. 

And I know I am not some special and unique individual that is alone in my thinking. 

Though my experiences might be different to yours, I am still a human being just like you. 

So what, who the fuck am I?

Most importantly I am a husband and I am a father. 

I found the love of my life and we made a mother fucking human and it is the best thing I have ever done. 

I am obsessed with making sure I leave my human imprinted with my values, ideals, beliefs and strategies (at least the good ones). 

I want her to learn how to be a good human, how to ad value to the world and make a positive difference in the world. 

I want to die having left her lots of money, property, intellectual property that turns a profit, books, businesses and anything else that can fund her dreams. 

And I want her to not need it. 

I hope what I leave behind gives her everything her kids need to have success and that this lasts for every generation after her. 

Next, I identify my self as an entrepreneur by night and a business analyst by day.

I love working with people, love teaching people, helping people, basically anything to do with people. 

I have spend thousands and thousands of dollars studying body language, 

micro expressions, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, marketing, business, project management, and 

basically anything that has anything to do with all of that. 

Plus I read and read and read a lot!

I have run seminars for 5 – 150 people, teaching anything from communication styles ( to change management (

But again, so fucking what, what do I believe?!

I believe, like you, in searching for my purpose. 

I believe in making a difference in the world, that we all have something unique and valuable to give, that we should spend our entire lives trying to figure out what our purpose is and live it daily.

I believe connections with people matter and

that we all should put time into connecting with people like us (not everyone ever).

I believe we all should get everything that we want out of life, which is what I want to help you with, here and more.

Now I have been writing this while flying to Tasmania. 

I find my self in this moment, not knowing how to finish this rant, that was suppose to be one paragraph.

All I can think of is Woddy Harrelson in Zombieland ( and how he said goodbye……. “that will do pig, that will do”.

Rock and Roll


What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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