Change; what’s the rub?

If you cannot answer the question, “whats the rub”, then you don’t know your customer, your staff, or how the change is going to impact your business.

One of the most key things to your success is understanding exactly how your change will impact your team and your customers. It will require you to put your self in others shoes to get a sense of how they will take the change. By putting your self in someone else’s shoes, you will be able to have more empathy for the impact it will have on them.

One activity I have done multiple times to get other people perspectives on a situation, is an activity called ‘Perceptual Positions‘. The short version of this activity is to do the following:

“We are changing X and it will impact everyone in Y way”

  1. Looking at this from your own perspective, what is the impact and issues you will experience?
  2. Looking at this from members of staff and/or customers perspectives, what is the impact and issues they will experience (as if you were them)?
  3. Looking at this from an outside observers perspective, what is the impact and issues you can see everyone experiencing (as if you were the observer, observing the change happening to others)?

If you can imagine your self through this exercise, you should end up with a good list, from multiple perspectives, on the issues and challenges associated with implementing a change.

Check out the ‘Perceptual Positions‘ activity for more details on how to be successful with this activity.

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P.S. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?


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