Change; towards and away?

So if you know the 4matt of the change you are implementing, the next thing you want to be able to answer is what you are moving towards and what you are moving away from.

This comes right out of NLP ‘Meta Programs‘. Among other things, people will either be ‘towards’ focused or ‘away from’ focused. What this means is, some people are more motivated by what they are getting away from and others are more motivate by what they are moving towards.

An example of each might be:


When I go to the gym, I am thinking about how good it will be when I am stronger, fitter, leaner and really, really healthy.

A person that is thinking like this is focused on the destination, what they are aiming for, where they are headed, they are focused on what they are moving ‘towards’.

Away From

I go to the gym because I don’t want to be weak and unhealthy anymore, I keep going so wont be fat when I am older.

A person that is thinking like this is focused on where they are coming from, what they are trying to get ‘away from’. They are interested in getting away from something.

Depending who you talk to, each is the right way of thinking about it. For you, as a person responsible for implementing change, you want to be clear on both. This will mean you can clearly communicate what you are moving away from and towards, when describing change.

For example:

The reason for X change, is so that we can get away from people hurting them selves in the storage room, and move towards a healthier and safer work place.

So in short, you want to know what you are getting away from and moving towards, as a result of the change you are implementing.

Rock and Roll


PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?





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