What to Consider when you Decide you want to be Hypnotised

If you decide you want to be hypnotised you should make sure you can agree to the following, they are the key criteria that should exist between you and your hypnotist.

1. You must consent / agree to be hypnotised.

2. There must be good communication between you and your hypnotist.

3. Make sure you are in a safe and secure environment.

4. There must be trust between you and your hypnotist.

You should always expect your hypnotist to use positive language in order to properly order and sequence your internal representations you create, in the hypnotic state.

Your hypnotist may use metaphors which are single level or multiple levels (like inception) deep. For example you might be asked to….. 

Imagine walking into the control room of a building (which could represents the body). This type of representation can be quite useful for creating a space to manipulate ‘the controls’ of your mind (just like in ‘inside out’), especially useful in weight loss, self-esteem issues and other issues. Using the control room to ‘reset the system’.

This does not have to be a control room, it could be a beautiful mansion you have seen on grand designs, or a castle you have seen on escape to the country. 

It was once suggested to me that using a old castle can be useful in smoking cessation, they hypnotist will start the induction, have the soon to be ex-smoker go through a couple of steps. One of which is to clean the castle.

Of course there is a bit more to it, but I think you get the gist.

Another method your hypnotist can use is direct suggestion which generally starts with the question ‘what do you need to know or do in order to achieve your outcome’, then she will tell you to do it at the deepest point of your trance experience.

Most hypnotists also use the rule of 3, is the magic number for suggestions in a trance. Your hypnotist will want to offer your unconscious 3 major suggestions 3 times in 3 different ways, this improves the chance of the suggestion sticking and to set deeper in at the unconscious level (I am telling you, Inception is worth watching again). Keep in mind they will make sure to say the suggestion differently so as to make it less OBVIOUS to your conscious mind while in trance.

So an example of direct suggestion if you were seeing a hypnotist for your fear of cold-calling might be to offer you a suggestions such as…..

“You like to talk to others and they like to talk to you. You have a genuine feeling of joy when you think of connecting with those people you will help with your product or service. You confidently expect them to be waiting for your calls … you enjoy connecting with your prospects on the phone. Every day prior to making calls, you imagine people wanting to talk to you on the other end of the line. You wake up

in the morning excited to make new contacts, because you are imagining them anxious to speak with you. You know that there are many people out there enthusiastically waiting for your calls and you are looking forward to contacting them … “

Another approach your hypnotist might take is to install strategies with your own triggers. This can be done with associated state rehearsal or dissociated state rehearsal. Remember once again that the number 3 is the magic number in terms of really sinking a new strategy in at the unconscious level.

A example of installing strategies with your own triggers for improving performance in a sports player might be…..

“Imagine yourself walking on to the court (trigger) and the moment your feet hit the sand, you stop take a deep breath and feel a strong sense of calmness and purpose surge through your body You feel this feeling of calmness and purpose in every cell of your being as soon as you step onto the sand.

The moment you step onto the sand you will feel a calm sense of calmness and purpose realising now that you are focused only on the game. “OR” Imagine yourself now … standing behind the line, ready to serve the ball. And you stop … bounce it once (trigger) and immediately go into an extremely focused state. You picture the ball hitting with speed and accuracy exactly where you want it to hit. You serve the ball and it speeds to the exact location you imagined.”

End Result Imagery can be extremely effective as a motivator for change, to re-work the neurology and to set a new direction. Often a hypnotist will come up with your end result imagery when they do the initial detailed personal history with you (when designing your intervention).

example question you might be asked is “How will your life improve when you get your outcome?”.

Your hypnotist wants to help you paint a very clear picture of what you want your life will look like once they’ve made the change. You want to make sure your exact words are written down so that they can be used in an induction. The more details you write down, the more you will be able to weave wondrous end-result imagery while you are in trance. Make sure you write down specific behavioural things you will be doing, once they’ve attained your goals. Then in trance you can imagine these end-result imagery fully associated during the trance work, which is very compelling!

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PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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