Eliciting Strategies

In #NLP there are a tonn of fun questions that you can ask a person to help them think in new ways. NLP, as you know, uses lots of hypnotic language patterns, or “funny ways of saying things” to help you understand your self. 

The follow questions are used to elicits a persons strategies, basically around anything. 

So have a read and see if you can figure out one of your strategies.

Questions to Elicit Strategies (T.O.T.E)


What let you know it was time to decide?

When did you begin deciding?

How did you know it was time to decide?


How did you know there were alternatives?

How do you generate alternatives?


How do you evaluate alternatives?

What has to be satisfied in order for you to decide?


How do you select which alternative to take?

How do you know (or what lets you know) that you have decided?

Rock and Roll


PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause you the most positive change in your life?

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