What is hypnotic change work? Heck, what is trance?

Change Work Overview & Suggestibility Test

The outcome of hypnosis is to gain confidence in your ability to enter into trance, create a strong relationship with you unconscious mind and to create long lasting personal change through hypnosis.

Hypnosis is defined as leading people with suggestive language into a receptive state where they themselves can access and utilise the power of their unconscious mind to direct behaviours and outcomes. 

Understanding Trance

First things first, don’t expect to feel hypnotized, as you are just following suggestions that you choose to listen to or not.

Many people expect to feel hypnotized but the trance state may not feel markedly different from the waking state. Sometimes people get false expectations or ideas because they’ve seen stage shows that make it look like something that its not.

What makes it possible for you to have success with hypnosis is directly linked to the hypnotist, and your level of trust for that person.

Do expect to feel relaxedMost people will describe the trance state as being a relaxed state ranging somewhere between relaxation and deep relaxation. It depends on the individual, and remember. You will be in total control the entire time.

It is like the ultimate state of self-control, the hypnotist is just the tour guide. They cannot control people minds, but I can teach you how to control your own.  And know that all trance is about learning how to go into trance, anybody can attain the deepest depths of trance once you learn how.

Stages of Hypnosis

Light Trance : Lethargy –  relaxation – eye, arm, isolated muscle group catalepsy – heavy or floating feeling

Medium Trance: Rapport – smell and taste changes – number block – partial amnesia / glove anesthesia – amnesia – analgesia (no pain) – automatic movements – partial hallucinations

Deep Trance: Hallucinations (positive and negative) – bizarre Post-Hypnotic suggestions – anesthesia (no feelings) – comatose – deep trance identification

Suggestibility Test

A hypnotist will often do a suggestibility test with you, they would say something like this…

“Now we are going to do some suggestibility tests to determine your level of suggestibility. There is no pass/fail. Everybody does wonderfully. I’m sure, you’ll do fine.”

Postural Sway

The postural sway is something you can do to your self to get a feel for what it can be like, if you are doing it with a hypnotist, they might say….

“Here (showing you) stand up nice and tall, turn your head so that you’re looking all the way up at the ceiling and close your eyes. Now feel your body beginning to sway, back and fort, back and forth. Excellent you’re an excellent subject!”

Book & Balloon

The book and ballon is a fun exercise to do on your own, as it is a great example of expanding your imagination. IF you can make this work, you must be great at using your imagination. If you do this with a hypnotist, they might say….

“Now I want you place your hands out in front of you like you’re sleep walking. Close your eyes. Turn one hand over so that it’s palm up. Now in that hand, I’d like you to imagine a heavy, heavy dictionary…weighing that hand down. And imagine it getting heavier and heavier, heavier and heavier… And at the same time I want you to imagine a helium balloon tied around the wrist of your other hand, lifting that hand higher and higher, higher and higher… While the other hand gets heavier and heavier.” And they would ask you to notice the change.

Finger Vice

Apart from being a good party trick, the finger vice is another good suggestibility test. The hypnotist will say….

“Okay, now I want you to clasp your hands nice and tight together. Place your fore fingers out so that they are touching. Now in a moment, not yet, but in a moment, I’m going to have you open your fingers like this (DEMO) and then I want you to watch the space between your fingers and imagine that I put a vice clamp on them and watch as they magically draw together. Okay open them now (make clamp motion).”

Master Pre-framing

Clench Fist / Relax Fist

If you have run through the above tests and found you have a masterful imagination you could try the following pre-frames to see how you go. They hypnotist might ask….

“Did you know that if you really wanted to, your could clench your fist so tightly and so powerfully that you couldn’t possibly make it any tighter or more powerful, true? So … If you really wanted to, and you knew how, you could relax the fist and hand to the point where it was so relaxed that, unless you removed that relaxation, the fist and hand would be so relaxed that it wouldn’t work. That is also true, isn’t it?”

Eyes are Easiest to Relax

Don’t try doing this one while you read this, hahahahaha, hypnosis pun! If you do this one with a hypnotise, they would say….

“The eyelids are the easiest group of muscles to relax. Now, you know that’s true, don’t you? Have you ever had a long, hard day, and as the day grew later, your eyes just wanted so badly to close and just relax?”

Teach What to Do

Some times a hypnotist will teach you have to go into trance like this…..

“Now, watch my eyes. I’m going to close them, and relax them so deeply and completely that they couldn’t possibly open, now, if i decide to take that relaxation away, I could open them instantly, but if I hold on to the relaxation, my eyes will be so relaxed that they wouldn’t work no matter who hard I tried to open them. So now I am going to try to open them. (open them. “oops”)

Hypnosis pre-framing and pre-teaching is key to its success, it is why stage hypnotists have so much success. Most of us have seen it happen and are already pre-framed on how to go into trance. The trick is to use this skill to help improve your self, help you be better.

Rock and Roll


PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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