Communicating Like A Boss


I have done the research, I know much more now, and I am ready to give you my first free eBook.

‘Communicating Like A Boss’

Among other things I will teach you how to goal set, using one of the best tools I have ever found. If you take your time to download the book I will ask you these following questions and more. Think through these through and see what you come up with:

What specifically do you want? Where are you now, in relation to your goal. Clarify your goal using all your senses by asking your self; what will you see, hear, feel, (taste or smell) when you get what you want. Specify the evidence you will have when you know you have it by asking, how will you know when you have it, as in what evidence tells you, you got your goal.

You will go on to answer a whole lot more, to get true clarity on your goal In the end you want to be able to get a clear image in your mind of you getting what you want, and be able to succinctly sum up your goal in this format:

It is now ___________________________________ (Future Date)

I am/I have _________________________________ (End Step)

I will also share with you the 4 Matt communication model, which helps you deliver your message like a boss to a group of people you have never met. By teaching your the order and sequence to deliver your message, which starts with explaining why you are talking with the group, what you will cover in your presentation, how people will be able to act on what you are telling them, and what else they might need to know, including other ways to apply it.

I will also teach you about reading eye accessing cues and sensory awareness, which will mean you know how to read someones face. You will know when their thoughts or feelings are changing. Things like reading pupil dilation, skin tone, and even where a person looks to remember an image (top right) or where they look when accessing their feelings (down).

As well as these things, you will learn:

  • How to define your focus
  • The physiology and psychology of success
  • Understanding cause and effect and perception is projection
  • What the communication behaviour model is
  • Eliciting your values
  • Define your purpose, vision, mission, and legacy
  • How to create resource anchors
  • The VAK communication model
  • How to have tonality control when speaking
  • Learn how to build rapport with everyone you meet
  • Framing communication
  • Perceptual Positions
  • Shifting your mindset with expanded awareness
  • Build your own positive affirmations

Shoot me your email address and then click on the link below to get your free PDF!

Communicating Like A Boss download.

Thank you to everyone that downloaded the initial program, and thank you to everyone that gets this free copy, and goes after their dreams.

Rock and Roll


PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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