6 Mistakes Sales Staff Make

Every time I walk into a store in a mall, I am ready to buy. I might not have any money, but I am easily convinced, plus I walk into shops that sell things I like. So if a sales person can get my attention, there is a high probability they can sell me something.

As you probably have noticed though, there are very few good sales people. So here are the top 6 mistakes sales people make when I am out shopping.

No Eye Contact, No Smile, ON THE MOBILE PHONE, Not Listening, Show me what they know, not what I asked for, and A lack of passion.

Eye Contact

It doesn’t have to be for long people, but for f**k sake, make some eye contact. The amount of times I walk into a store and the sales person is looking at the computer, counting the till, checking stock, or going out the back, so basically everything other than look at me.

I am sure my beard isn’t that off putting, in fact, worth having a look at

Eye contact doesn’t need to be for long, just a moment.

Please look at your customers eyes as they walk in.


Come on, retail is not that bad. With out retail, our economy would die and our country would be in the poop. This is not even BS, I think sales staff have the most important job in the world, I just wish they knew it. If they did, I think we would get a few more smiles, with some eye contact, as we walk into the store.

*One side of the mouth turned up = contempt

*When you smile, if you have ‘crow’s feet’ next to your eyes, it is a genuine smile. Weather people know how they do it or not, we know when you are faking it, so practice a genuine smile please.


A new rule!

Put your f*&king phone away.

I think if every retailer adopted this rule, and every sales person followed it, sales profits would double.

If there was one thing that pisses me off more, than no eye contact, and no smile, is staff that are two busy for me because they are on their smart phone (unless they are reading my BLOG of course).


This one is tricky, because there are actually sales people out there that have talked to a lot of customers. They know what most people want to ask when they come into their store. What this means is, they have a collection of default answers they give to people, after hearing key words come out of the customers mouth.

But this is the problem, not every question can be answered with that default response. So all I am asking, is to make sure you listen to your customer, ask more questions, and repeat your understanding before you show me the blender, when I want to look at a juicer.

What you know, Not what I asked for

This one ties in well with the last comment. Often when shopping, I will give a heap of info on what is important to me. I then get the default answers, then get taken to the sales staffs preferred product, the one they like and does what they think is important. What I wanted you to do is listen to what I like, what I think is important, and take me to the product that meets my criterion, not yours.

Lack of Passion

If you don’t believe in the product you are selling, stop selling it. I use to be in retail, I use to sell suits, and they were the best value suits on the market, they looked the best on, they were better than any other retailer in the mall I worked, had to offer. They are also the only suits I want to buy, long after I have left the business (www.oxfordshop.com.au).

If you love your product, believe in it, and use it, you will sell so much more.

Unfortunately, most people I have come across are just doing a job while they study, selling a product that’s ok, that they don’t use or own. STOP IT. Find out what you love about what you are selling, so when I come to buy it, I can buy it from someone with passion.

Rock and Roll

PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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