Cause and Effect

Continuing on the theme of mindset, I would like to introduce you to the idea of cause and effect.
I would say all of us will spend time on both sides of the equation, but the goal should be (as PD addicts), to spend as much time as possible on the cause side of the equation.
Have a read through the following statements, and you should get a good idea of what the difference is between cause and effect thinking:
  •     My manager is the reason I don’t get a promotion
  •     The global financial crisis is the reason I have not succeeded in business
  •     I can’t be fit because of a sport injury from 10 years ago
  •     I am the reason I got fired, I was lazy and unfocused
  •     I did not get the job I applied for, I need to develop my skill set so I am more employable
  •     I missed the game winning goal, I will train harder in the pre-season
I am guessing you spend a lot of time talking with people at work, your friends, and family. So you are going to have heaps of other examples from both sides of the equation.
People that are at effect, are the people complaining about their situation, they will give you all the best reasons and excuses, why they cannot have what they want.
A person that is at cause will take responsibility for everything that happens to them. They believe they create their situation, that they have chosen the things that have happened to them. 
Someone at effect cannot make a change in their life, because it was not their fault, they were not the cause, which means they have no reason to change. Someone at cause has created their situation, which means they can also change the results they are getting.
I think in simple terms, cause give you more control and choice over your situation, and who doesn’t want more choice in life.
So if you want to own your mindset, if you want to take full advantage of each situation. Think about how you can be at cause of everything that is happening, and if you don’t like the results… Choose something new.
Rock and Roll
PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?
PPS. If you still need some more background on C&E, do some searching for more details, definitions, and examples of cause and effect.

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