Framing Introduction

If you’ve ever had your image turned into a meme, you should understand framing. The second your image was layered over a black box with a funny comment, the context of the image was lost. It now takes on a whole new meaning. 

Or a politician that has their message cut down to a simple out of context statement making them look bad, the content has been changed to serve the reporter.
Framing how we say things is a key strategy you will find in sales (@grantcardone talks about the agreement frame all the time) and I am sure if you continue your personal development journey, you are going to come across framing or re-framing. 

A coach will use framing when you talk about your problems, or a mentor will help you change the context of your problem. So over the next couple of blogs I will teach you all the different types of frames and re-frames I have come across.

Re-framing a situation allows you to think about it from a different angle, a different perspective. How we think and process information will place a frame around an event that happens in our lives, this is how we assign meaning to it. 

By having some flexibility in our approach to a situation we can open ourselves to more possibilities, reaching agreement and moving forward when we hit an impasse.

In the next few blogs you should find the skills needed to re-frame.

The next time you come up against a challenge on the phone or in a meeting, you might remember to change the frame for the problems that come up, and work towards a quick and easy resolution. 

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PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life.

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