What is Life Coaching?

There are thousands of life coaches at the moment, all selling you the promise that they can help improve your life.

For me, ‘life coaching’ will not change the world. It will not cure you and instantly make you a success.

What it will do is set you up with key strategies and tools that will help you be better. It is about taking the success you are already having and taking that to a new level.

What you can expect to do in a life coaching session includes:

  • Anchoring
  • Creating well defined outcomes
  • Detailed personal history to uncover pain points
  • Learn communication strategies

These are just a few examples of what you can work on. It is important to keep the idea of life coaching simple. It is about self improvement, taking what you are already good at and improving it.

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PS. What is the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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