Energy Direction Filter

When working with a team, each will have their own energy direction filter. It is how they approach a given task, and what it takes for them to act.

Once you know someone’s energy direction filter you will be able to communicate with in their model of reality.

The key direction filters we are talking about are:

  1. Active; this is where some one comes into a situation and acts right away.
  2. Reflective; this is a person that likes to consider all angles, hear every one out and then act.
  3. Both; This person will take a moment to observe and see what is going on, but will act on that information much faster than a reflective person.
  4. Inactive; this is the type of person that will not act and not reflect on the situation, they are waiting for the group to make a decision that they can follow.

To use this to your advantage you must first figure out how a person directs their energy. Ask something like “When you come into a new situation, do you usually take action immediately, or conduct a detailed study of the consequences before acting?”

Focus on the person response; looking for information that guides you to their preference.

Once you know if they are active, reflective, both or inactive you can communicate with them in their way. It might look something like this:

Active = “Let’s go and do this project…there’s no need to wait.”

Reflective = “Take your time to consider everything you have been told, you have all the time you need to start on it…”

Both = “You’ve had all the time to think it through so it’s time to act now…”

Inactive = “You may want to wait and see what direction the group takes…”

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