Speaking Filter

I said to one of my team while we were out on the road “have you ever thought of doing research into communication styles”.

This bloke was super technical and could code rings around me, but when it came to communication he needed to improve.

As his manager I have many different ways to provide feedback, some things we might talk about in the future include 4 Mat feedback and the feedback sandwich. For now my team mates skills were not effecting his performance, it was just continues improvement we are talking about.

Our speaking filter is all about how we say things to people; we are going to do one of two things. Say it inferentially or say it literally (you may remember something similar in the blog about listening filter).

To get this, ask your self the following. If you had to provide feedback to some one on their ability to communicate, would you tell them directly or would you imply it so they draw their own conclusions?

Some one literal might say “You need to work on your ability to communicate clearly…” and a inferential communicator might say “I just read a great book on communication you might like..”.

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PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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