Work Satisfaction Filter

When it comes to taking on a new staff member we will want to make sure they feel included and have access to everything they need to be successful, right?Often what will happen for a new staff member is they will be introduced around to the people in the team, or they might be told about the products they are going to work with, or finally they might be introduced to they systems that are in place to ensure deliverables are met.

The interesting thing about this approach it does not focus on what the new person might find important, it often is done out of habit or what we as individuals prefer.

Now this is the case for most communication, we do it the way we like it to be done to us. The trick with becoming a excellent communicator is, to speak to people the way they like to be spoken to.

So the work satisfaction filter is made up of three key parts, and once you know this about a person you can change your communication / action path to support their style of thinking.

It is made up of Things, Systems and People.

The conversation might go like this:

New Employer – “Hey Rob, what did you like about your last job”?

His answer might come back in three different ways, giving the employer three different ways they might initially induct them into the team.

People = “I think the best thing about my last job was the people I worked with”

Things = “I enjoyed the sorts of projects we worked on”

Systems = “I liked the systems we worked on, they were really effective and helped me get my job done”

There are going to be two of these that sound ridiculous and unimportant to you, and that is fine. Those are not your preferences.

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PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?


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