Convincer Filter

Romel called me and said “you have to check out this program by Eben Pagan (@ebenpagan), it is called Wake Up Productive. You are going to love it!”As soon as the phone conversation was finished I went on line and paid for and downloaded the program.

As soon as I heard about a product from some one I trusted I was convinced I should buy it.

Conversely, when one of my staff got their job wrong, I was constantly looking to see if they were conducting them selves if they were doing their job right. I was no longer convinced of their ability to do their job.

Our convincer filter is all about how we are convinced of something. Be it a product we want to buy, advice we are given or how good or bad someone can do a task. In this blog we will take a high level view of the idea, but please keep in mind that the context can and will change depending on how you look at peoples convincer.

The goal is you have a better chance of communicating effectively with someone if you know how to meet them where they are at.

So ask your self one of the following questions to find out how you might be convinced of something, I will give you my example below.

“How many options do you need to consider before you can make a choice?”


“How often does a co-worker have to demonstrate competence to you before you are convinced?”

I have just finished a project where I was managing a small team and I will use this as my example. When it comes to new people joining a team I start 100% convinced they will be able to do the job.

If a NLP coach was to look at my response they would conclude that I decide automatically. The other side of this, if they were to ask me how I would react if that same staff member demonstrated their inability to do their job how would I be convinced of their ability to get it right.

My response would be, they would need to convince me over and over again over months and months before I trust them again.

My NLP coach would then conclude (with that context change) that I need to be convinced continually.

If you discover how a person is convinced, here are some ideas on how you might communicate with them.

Convincer Filter is:

Decide automatically = “There is no need for convincing. You know what’s right…”

Consider several options a number of times = “Here are a number of options…I’m sure you will find one of them right for you.”

Need a period of time = (contact the person in a fraction of their convincer time period and suggest it’s been longer): “I’ve been so busy since the last time we talked, it almost seems like (total period). Now it’s time to…”

Need to be consistently convinced over time = “I know you will never be completely convinced, and that’s the reason why you’ll just have to experience this to really know its right for you…”

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PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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