How you say it

The meaning of your #communication will change depending on the tone you use when speaking. It will affect how the person hears you and what they think of what you have said. Your can tonality can go up, be neutral or go down (in the simplest form).

My amazing drawing should give you an idea of what you are listening for in a person’s tonality. Sounds getting higher in pitch, steady or with a deepening at the end.

The trick is using each direction at the right time, when you want someone to act on your instruction make a statement or command it. Don’t make the error of asking a person to do something you are needing done with a questioning tone.

But if you are looking to elicit a response to something, the questioning tonality is the way to go.

Have a play with how you say things, start to notice how others are using their tonality and have fun.

Tonality Inflection

Rock and Roll


PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life.

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