The Memory Palace or Roman Room

Today’s Mastermind topic is on memory once again, this time though we are going to use the classic Roman Room method. A method that Roman senators would use to recount statistics of their city to aid in their bid for support from the senate. Through the ability to recount so much information on their citizens fears and desires, senators were able to sway the others to their cause.
The strategy is quite a simple one and to make it easier we will be relying on your existing memory, not your creativity to create a fantastical, complex castle to store your memories.

We will be using a house or apartment you use to live in, a location you walked into every day and every night. A place you can remember like the back of your hand. 

To use this strategy you recall your old home and every fixed item that was in that home. It is those fixed items you will ‘peg’ things you want to remember, too.

If you need to remember to call the gas company, you might imagine your gas cooker leaking gas, noticing the smell of gas as you walk into your home. 

Or if you need to call a friend you might imagine them sitting on your couch as you look around the room in your minds eye.

When you want to remember key pieces of information you place meaning full images on or in those fixed sections of your old home. And as you take a virtual tour of your ‘roman room’ you notice each of those things your placed on fixed items.

Then once you have taken action on the thing you want to remember you clear the slate and leave your self with only the fixed items in that house.

And that is the short version of a very effective memory strategy.

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PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?  


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