What the VAK did you say?

This activity is to help you hone your ability to identify what representational system a person might be. You will be listening for and recording any visual (V), Auditory (A), Kinaesthetic (K) and Auditory Digital (Ad) language you hear a person use over the phone.

To complete this activity, have a note pad and pen next to the phone and with your next phone call complete the following steps:

– Write down the person’s name

– Write down any key words the person uses. EG. Dude, cool, fun, great etc

– Write down any VAKAd language that the person uses

The intention with this activity is to get you looking for the different indicators that are present in any one phone conversation; this will hone your ability to have good attention to detail. Practice this process every time you are Woking the phones until you begin to hear more and more. You should get to a point where you start to hear the key words and phrases and not need to write them down, then you will know you have reached the next level.

Rock and Roll


PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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