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Continuing on the theme of #VAK and enabling you to hear people on a new level I want you to have this simple overview of words and phrases people will use in each VAKAd communication style. The VAKAd words and phrases used in every day conversation are the key words that indicate our primary representational system. Think of them as a road marker that shows us how the person we are talking to views the world. If you begin to hear these words you know you are starting to hear a person, most people speak using their own words and wonder why someone doesn’t understand them. Most often it is simply because some one is giving exciding amounts of detail, while all the other person wants is a picture of how it works. Though this can appear so simple, it isenough for the message to get lost. So my goal for you is to help you become aware of the words people are using and suggest you use the words other people use in conversation (a step towards building rapport with someone).

Take a moment to look through some of the words or phrases each communication style might use in conversation.


Appear, Blind, Clear, Crystal, Dawn, Envision, Expose, Focused, Foggy, Hazy,Illuminate, Imagine, Look, Picture, Reveal, See, Show, View, Appears to me, Bird’s eye view, Blind sided, Blink of an eye, Bright your day, Catch a glimpse, Easy on the eyes, From my perspective,Dim view, Get an eyeful, Hazy idea, In view of, Looks like, Make a scene, Mental image, Mental picture, Minds eye, Naked eye, Read between the lines, Scope it out, See in to it, Sight for sore eyes, Staring off into space, Take a look, Tunnel vision and many more.


Amplify, Deaf, Dissonance, Earful, Fine-Tune, Harmonies, Hear, Heed, Listen,Melodious, Question, Resonate, Resounding, Silence, Sound(s), Tune In, Tune Out, All ears, Call on, Clearly Expressed, Describe in detail, Give an account of, Grant an audience, Heard voices, Hidden message, Hold your tongue, Idle talk, Inquire into, Keep your ear to the ground, Lend me your ear, Listen here, Loud and clear, Power of speech, Rings a bell, To tell the truth, Unheard of, Voice an opinion, and many more.

Auditory Digital

Analysis, Calculate, Change, Conceive, Consider, Decide, Distance,Experience, Headstrong, Intensive, Know, Learn, Motivate, Perceive,Ponder, Process, Sensible, Think, A particular way, Change your mind,Consider the pacts, Decide what works, Deem it correct, Get to know them, I suppose, I think you’re right, I understand, Know what I mean,Know whets wrong, Learn about yourself, Learn what to do, Make up your mind, Perceive the truth, Practice till perfect, Process this,Relatively speaking, Said to myself, Sensitive subject, Think about,Train of thought and many more.


Concrete, Empathies, Feel, Grasp, Hard, Penetrate, Scrape, Sense,Sensitive, Slip, Tangible, Touch, Feeling, Grab, Action, After your own heart, All heart, All washed up, Blow by blow, Cold as ice, Come to grips with, Control yourself,Calm, cool and collected, Get a feeling, Get a handle of, Get hold of,Get in touch with, Hand in hand, Hang in there, Heated argument, Hold it, Hold on, Itching to start, Keep you shirt on, Know-how, Pain in the neck, Pull some strings, Seems to me, Sharp as a tack, Slipped my mind, Start from scratch and many more.

The honourable mention goes to tastes and smells, though they don’t make it into most questionnaires and profiling tools they are important none the less. With such a amazing food culture and all those crazy chefs out there you will be able to make note of the words and phrases they use in conversation.

A small section of these for Olfactory are Smell, Foul, Scent, Smells funny, Stinks of deceit. And for Gustatory you might hear Salty, Sweet, Taste, Bite, Zesty or Flavour.

What you want to do is keep this list of words and parses handy so when listening to people you can start to notice the different words they say and get a feeling for how people communicate and what their preferred representational system really is.

Yet another step towards improving your ability to read people.

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