VAK Observation Activity

A lot has been covered in the mastermind face to face sessions so far. One of the early topics was communication styles, one of the strategies I suggest to improve you ability to notice the different ways people communicate is below. 

This process is used to increase your sensory awareness so as you can start to find how people communicate. 
Focus on one sensory modality each day and continue to rotate them until it becomes normal in everyday life to notice HOW people are saying things. When conducting this exercise block out all other senses weather that be literally or by using your intent.

Stop for one minute ten times per day and notice

1. All the visual (V) things happening around you

2. All the auditory (A) sounds going on around you

3. All the feelings (K) that you feel with your body

4. All the smells (O) around you

5. The taste (G) of things you eat

Notice every fine detail; keep a journal of anything that stands out and this will hone your ability notice the different styles of communication people have. 

If you notice a theme and you cannot connect how or what it means for you, contact your coach for some help understanding what is going on.

Rock and Roll


P.S. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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