I have just finished my second read through of Tribes; We need you to lead us, by Seth Godin.

Well iBook I should say, 8 hours over my drive to and from work. The only reason I was ok with buying Seth’s audiobook was because @joshwithers sent me a copy of Your Turn and said I would love what @sethgodinblog was about. 

What caused me to buy this book and to buy anything personal development related is when a friend I trust tells me about somthing I will love. 

This is also one of the key messages I got from tribes, I don’t need to convince 100000000000 people to read my blog, or to take interest in personal development. I only need to convince one person. Convince one of you, you are worth investing in. Convince one of you to want to be better and then who knows, we might start a tribe of our own.  

Some other key things I got from #tribes was:

  • We are not afraid of being fired, its criticism we fear
  • Most people won’t lead but should
  • If you are waiting for someone to follow your lead to ease the burden you aren’t ready to lead
  • Leadership takes hard work, the need to self motivate and willpower 

I got a bunch more from it and now have a new go to read for inspiration, I hope everyone takes the time to check out this kick ass book. 

Rock and Roll


PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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  1. Rob, I have to say I agree with your reflection and would like to contribute some of my own.

    Tribes is a very informative listen/read. The author, Seth Godin whom is sometimes know for providing provoking messages to his own tribe sets out a unique book indeed. This book has provided a bench mark on how we should view our very own worklife today.

    A quote I would like to see reflected here is; we are no longer in a “manufacturing” world. Heck! I preferred to work within a tribe myself and be around like minded people. I think we all do.

    Great short post Rob.

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