I think everyone I have ever known has had a business idea, seen a gap in a market or picked apart a business for its in ability so serve its market the way they think it should be done. 

This afternoon though, I got to stand in a room with a massive bunch of people that are not talking. THEY ARE DOING!

Business like Yaama which is going to, and I quote “revolutionize the fitness industry”, and Modern Automation which can literally install JARVIS in your home. 

And talking with one of the winners of the innovation ACT 10K seed grant has me uber pumped to see their next 6 weeks in the market place. They have a #gamechanger for the financial industry. They are called Workhorse Finance, chase them down on Facebook now.

I guess the point is, innovation is happening in Canberra, there are people #grinding every day to make a difference and if you want to join the community you should take action now and Google ‘first Wednesday connect’.

If you are still trying to figure how you want to make a impact on the world, try this activity.

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