Goal Setting & Outcomes

Setting goals is one of the best skills I have picked up in my personal development journey. It is also one of those things that every one has the perfect version of. Their way of setting goals is the best. And that is true for each individual.

This goal setting techniques comes right out of the NLP hand book, and it has been the strategy that has consistently worked for me. I have set goals for an exact time to wake up, and it has worked about 80% of the time. Also for things like promotion, health goals and basically any thing I might want to go after.

So take some time to read through the activity below, and start setting some goals.

Goal Setting Questions:

Use these questions to start the process of getting clarity on what you desire in the future.

1. State in the positive: “What specifically do you want?”
2. Specify present situation and be associated in it: “Where are you now?”
3. Clarify your goal using all your senses:
“What will you see, hear, feel, (taste or smell) when you have it?”
4. Specify evidence procedure:
“How will you know when you have it?”
5. Design it to be congruently desirable; and increase choice:
“What will this outcome get for you or allow you to do?”
6. Ensure that it is self-initiated and self-maintained (not for someone else):
“Is it only for you”
7. Put it in context to get clearer overall picture:
“Where, when, how and with whom do you want it?”
8. Access all needed inner and outer resources: “What do you have now, and what do you need to get your outcome?”
a) “Have you ever had or done this before?”
b) “Do you know anyone who had it?”
c) “Can you act as if you have it?”
9. Check that desired result is ecological and thoroughly congruent: a) “For what purpose do you want this?”
b) “What will you gain or lose if you have it?”
c) “What will happen if you get it?”
d) “What won’t happen if you get it?”
e) “What will happen if you don’t get it?”
f) “What won’t happen if you don’t get it?”

Outcome Statement:
This is a succinct statement that is specific to an outcome you want. Once you have figured out an outcome you want, fill in the form below and I can help you set the goal into your future.

1. State in the positive.
2. You must initiate.
3. Associate into end step/evidence procedure using heightened senses.
4. Dissociate from end step picture to create drive to reach it.
5. Confirm ecology.
6. Realise there is more than one way to get the outcome.
7. Make end step realistic, within your realm of possibility, to build confidence for further successes.
8. Make sure outcome increases choice.

It is now ___________________________________ (Future Date)
I am/I have _________________________________ (End Step)

Rock and Roll


PS. What is the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?


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