Developing a Better Memory: Number Rhyme Peg System

The reason why people learn the number rhyme memory peg system is to improve short term memory. It is used to reduce or replace your reliance on physically written notes or lists kept on your smart devices. If you want to go to the shop with a list in your mind, this is one of the tools that enables that. If you want to avoid looking back 10 times at the fuel pump when you go to pay for petrol, this tool will help you.
What it uses to be effective is your minds ability to hook information to fun images that rhyme with specific numbers, in this case 1 – 10.
How you get your number rhyme memory peg system to work is, you start with the numbers 1 – 10. Along with ten empty boxes beside it.
Your goal is to fill these 10 boxes with funny, fun, imaginative, crazy images that rhyme with each number.
Running through each number, trusting what ever image or word first comes up for you.
Draw these images next to their corresponding number, if you cant draw, write, or even better. Search for the images and insert them.
Once you have your 10 images, you want to begin running them through your head in the following order:
  1. One to Ten
  2. Ten to One
  3. In a Random Order
By now you should be able to see the images, hear any sounds that go with them and very quickly begin to recall each image as the number it represent.
It is these images that be come your ‘pegs’ that you can hook information to.
Now that you have you 10 memory hooks, we can start to hang information off each peg.
For example my 10 Number Rhyme Memory Hooks are:
  1. Gun
  2. Poo
  3. Tree
  4. Boar
  5. Dive
  6. Bricks
  7. Heave
  8. Plate
  9. Mine
  10. Hen
When I want to remember the number of the fuel pump I will simply recall the number rhyme that matches my pump. So if at pump one I might imagine walking in to the counter with a gun. Or if it was pump 6, I would be thinking about bricks.
If I am thinking about a list of shopping, you will want to create interesting associations between your list and the object you are going to purchase.
For example, if you need to buy the following items:
  • Toothpaste
  • Milk
  • Bacon
  • Eggs
Using the number rhyme hooks I imagine the following:
  • A gun that only shoots toothpaste
  • A milk bottle covered in poo
  • A tree with bacon hanging from its leaves
  • A Boar laying an egg
The images I have in my mind are very graphic and imaginative, and the out come of this. When running through my list I see four very unforgettable images.
When I get to the shops, I just have to run through my list, get what I am there for and then clear the list and its associations.
The next question you might ask from here is that it seems to take a lot of work to do this, why not just write it down?
Well you might be right, and all I would ask is that you add this in as ‘just another tool’ you can use. If you can lock down ten things that just come to you, it will always be faster to use this memory hooks system, than righting something down and brining it up again.
Or you might try the number shape system, if rhyming is not you thing.
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