Values and Beliefs

Values are broad concepts that guide decisions in life; they determine what is important, and they are the foundation of character. Significantly, what the conscious mind deems important is not always the same as what the unconscious mind values. Values can be detected by what people are attracted to or repulsed by people’s actions. Values determine how humans spend their time. Because individuals have different hierarchies of values, they experience life differently. For instance, individuals whose top value is wealth will invest time and effort in that area. Their experience of life will reflect that focus. If some of those same individuals do not also value honesty, then their route to wealth would be very different from others who highly value both wealth and honesty.

Recognising, reprioritising, or aligning conscious and unconscious values, are major steps toward getting what one truly wants.


Beliefs are the second set of internal filters. Beliefs are convictions, what is held to be “true” in life. For instance, if someone believes that she can learn anything that she puts her mind to regardless of age, then her experience of life is going to be very different from someone else who if he believes he is not that smart and can’t possibly learn something new.

Beliefs often form the boundary conditions of thinking. Depending on how much individuals are willing to believe is possible, beliefs can either keep them boxed in or allow them to live a bigger life. Small possibility thinking has little chance of giving anything other than small results, whereas big possibility thinking leads to big results. When transformed, beliefs allow people to fulfil their highest potential.

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PS. What is the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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