5 Things I have learnt from PD

I have been trying to figure my shit out for years, NLP this, hypnosis that and all the other tools along the way. Not everything that is out there to learn is going to be good. In fact, you have to sift through the shit to get to the gold that exists (this blog included). In saying that, below are 5 of the key things that have stood out to me. The things that I still think about, talk about and find relevant in my personal development (PD) journey.


Whatever we focus on in life is what we get, “Where focus goes, energy flows”.

So knowing this means we should always keep our selves in check and FOCUS on what we do want, not what we don’t want. Do a self-check every now and again on whatever task you are undertaking, ask your self the following questions:

What am I doing? What am I focusing on?

Is it what I want? What do I want instead?

Cause and Effect

This is how we determine how things happen or don’t happen; think of it as a way to keep you in control of what is happening in your reality. People that are at effect will give you reasons or excuses as to why life is hard or things are not working, people that are at cause are the ones getting results.

So if you are going through life and all is well and then there is a brick wall in your way, start to notice: Am I giving reasons or excuses as to why things aren’t going right? If it is because of every one and every thing around you, that would be EFFECT.

Or do you just find a way over or around the problem? Ask the following:

How did I create this?

What do I want instead?

What action do I need to take?

Perception is Projection

Think of this like a big mirror in front of you. Everything that you think for feel about someone is actually a reflection of what you see in yourself (be it unconscious). How this becomes useful is when we get frustrated or bugged by someone, just notice do I do anything like him or her? If so what can I do different so it won’t bother me?


Have I ever done something like that?

Why did I do it?

Accept that part of you!

Focus on what you do like about the person or situation.


Use the following formula to get the best result with writing outcomes.

“It is now __________(Future Date)__________,

I am / I have__________________”

You can have goals that are much longer and then read them once a week or even more if you want. Always make sure that they are: Positive, you initiate it, you can imagine it (literal picture in your mind), it has to be good for you, is there more than one way to get what you want, is it realistic, it should increase your choices and does it have a time frame.

Take Action

This is the biggest thing that has to happen in anything that you do, if you set a goal or want to get something done, TAKE ACTION, always where possible seek professional advice and focus on what you want, if someone calls me to say they are not getting what they want I ask:

What are you focusing on?

What do you want instead?

Have you taken action towards what you want?

Enjoy the path to your success, go after what you want in life and enjoy the process, remember! Everyone is whole, complete & has everything they need to get what they want. We just need to be reminded sometimes.

Rock and Roll


PS. What is the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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