I help businesses, entrepreneurs, and driven individuals find out who they are, what they are here to do and how to get there.

My purpose is to connect with people so that, together, we can learn, be better and succeed.

I value authenticity, courage, pragmatism, fortitude and family.

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You want to get career insurance or become CEO of your career ? Then join me on Patreon where I have a subscription for each program. It is for people that want to do it them selves, at their pace. People that don’t want to do the face to face or coaching side of personal and business development.

Recent Blogs

The Success Framework

Do you want to leave your current role for a new one? Do you want to transition into an entirely new industry? Do you want to dominate in your current industry?

Designing your career: where to start

Do you want to find fulfilment in the work you do, uncover your strengths, transition from your current role into something new or discover your passions and goals?


Positive, knowledgable, honest and inspiring.  If I had to sum Rob up in 1 sentance that would be it. He has such a passion to see people reach their full potential it is contagious. 

In the time I’ve know Rob, he is always willing and excited to spend time chatting and unpacking challenges that I have faced.  He is my go to for information as he always has a helpful link, a phone number of someone or a book suggestion that hits the nail on the head each time.


“I loved touching on the deal breakers, it reminds me of things, that if I come accross them in my life, I am actually ok to walk away from them. To be concious of what things that you wont permit, thats really good.”

On discovering values in the ‘Analysis – Values’ section of the success framework.

R. Bravo